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Functional bestsellers for everyday life!


Who we are
Beyond Active is run by the Swedish company Stores For You located in Stockholm. Our basic idea is to find and develop smart products for you and your home, often with a special feature or distinctive design. Our assortment is flexible and based on season and trends. However, our hearts are a little extra for outdoor and exercise solutions.

We handle every moment in-house from idea and production to logistics and customer care. Together we are a strong team of employees that have full control of  all steps from purchasing, product design, marketing, web design, finance and logistics.

Beyond Active is one of the largest players in the Nordic region within its segment and manages 600-1000 orders per day. All products are delivered cost-free to you with 60 days of open purchase / return.


Environment and ethical responsibility
We follow the directives that apply in the EU and Sweden regarding materials and continuously work on getting even better. We continuously visit the suppliers and factories we cooperate with to ensure conditions, wages, etc., and that the factories comply with the laws of the country and the Code of Conduct. The factories that cooperate with eyond Active also have manufacturing for a number of large Scandinavian retail companies.

We send our orders with climate friendly packaging certified by ClimatePartner

The most important in the end for us are satisfied customers. We listen to your wishes. Our choice of materials and functionality are based on all the valuable feedback we receive. Do not hesitate to contact our customer service and tell us what you are satisfied or less content about, about website, products or serivce.

A satisfied customer is our top priority, we listen to you! We are more than happy to receive feedback about our articles, details that are good or bad, about the website, service and dealing in general. We are constantly working to always get a little bit better!

Beyond Active
Stores For You AB
Org. nr. 559121-4464
Erik Dahlbergsgatan 30
115 32 Stockholm, Sweden

Aktiivinen jokapäiväinen elämä

Beyond Active on yksi Suomen johtavista vapaa-ajan myymälöistä, joissa on tuhansia asiakkaiden tilauksia päivässä. Alusta alkaen olemme toteuttaneet älykkäitä tuotteita ja ratkaisuja koti-, teknologia-, urheilu- ja vapaa-ajanviettomahdollisuuksiin sadoille tuhansille asiakkaille Pohjoismaissa. Lupaamme sinulle nopeat toimitukset, henkilökohtaisen asiakaspalvelun ja turvalliset maksut. 

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